Saturday, June 25, 2011

Writing and Inspiration

When it comes to writing I am always amazed by how inspiration can come to a writer unexpectedly and out of the blue... Just when you least expect it you become inspired and ideas for a song, poem, story, prose, or some other type of writing emerge. It might not even be just ideas. Actual lines may start to flow from your head forming complete pieces of writing.

A few days ago I was listening to a song by JoJo called "Too Little, Too Late". Once she started singing the chorus, mainly the phrase too little too late I stopped in my tracks and quickly opened Microsoft Word. I felt an idea for a song coming on. I paused JoJo's song so it would not distract me and began to write. In under half an hour I had a complete set of lyrics. The story they tell is intense and highly emotional. You can read it here: It's Too Late (What's Done Is Done).

I love singing these lyrics. Every time I sing the words I am enveloped by lots of emotion and sometimes find myself close to tears.

I never planned on writing a song that day. I never thought about listening to JoJo's song either. I just happened to come across it by accident while browsing YouTube. I am glad I did though because I got a new song out of it, which I am very excited about.  

Inspiration can hit you anywhere and at any time. It can hit you at the most unexpected places or at moments you never thought would inspire you. Heck, inspiration can even hit you when you are in the bathroom taking care of your business. It happened to me a number of times.

So always have a pen and paper, or some other writing instrument with you no matter where you are. You never know when inspiration will hit and what piece of writing can result from it. Always be prepared. You don't want to have those great ideas vanish into thin air...

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