Monday, August 15, 2011

Bringing a novel to life...

I've always dreamed of writing a novel someday. And hopefully even publishing it at some point. Well, after many months of writing and months of hiatus in between the novel is finished. Finally!

I've let some people read my novel and I got positive feedback from them, which of course is great. I am very happy that the feedback was positive. That's a good sign.

Of course I just can't publish the novel as it is. I need to edit it. I've actually been editing here and there in the past months. Now it's time to get serious and really do a full edit.

I have to say that editing a novel is even harder than writing it. It's not that easy to know what exactly to add to the novel, what to take out of it, what to alter. Sure would be nice if someone were to edit the entire the thing for me but then it wouldn't be my novel. I am the one that has to do the editing.

Getting some help though would sure be nice. I've asked a few people to guide me. I hope that with their help I will finally be able to put an end to this editing and get my novel out there for people to enjoy. That is my final goal.

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