Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Books and Such

I am getting closer to nearing 100 lyrics for my third book of lyrics Melodies of the Heart. Making great progress. That is not to say I will stop at 100 lyrics. I might have more than that in the book. My goal was to have at least 100 and I will reach that number with flying colors. 

I finished writing my novel and thought it needed just some light editing. People that have read my novel gave positive feedback. They loved and enjoyed it. I was very happy to hear that. Now, I come to find that I am telling the novel rather than showing it, and that I have to do lots of editing to turn the telling into showing. Not very happy to hear that. I have not heard of this telling and showing business until now. I hope I can pull this off. I really want to publish the novel in a hardbound book...

I haven't been writing as much poetry this year as I have in the previous years. Maybe it's because when I sat down to write a poem I ended up writing a lyric instead. Have to get more into poetry writing... Poetry is what started it all for me... I will never give it up!!!!!!!!

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