Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Poem Featured In An E-Magazine

It wasn't too long ago that I joined the Facebook Poetry Community on Facebook and shared a link to my poem called "Nowhere To Be Found" that I have published on the AuthorsDen website. The poem was inspired by the passing of my paternal grandmother, who left us unexpectedly and just too soon.
When I shared this poem on the Facebook Poetry Community page I hoped that at least some people would click to view the poem. I never expected the owner of the page to take notice and to feature it in the first issue of an e-magazine that he was working on putting together and releasing to the world. 

Very shortly after I granted him permission to include my poem in his e-magazine I was notified that the e-magazine was done and that my poem was in there in all its glory along with my bio. While the bio is slightly incorrect, I am still thrilled to be a part of this e-magazine. While it may not be a huge deal to be a part of this e-magazine as it is not widely known, it is still amazing and to know that I have been chosen from a sea of endless poetry submissions to the page is a huge honor. 

Check out my poem at the following link: In the Gesture of Words

I hope you enjoy it! And I hope that it moves you in some way too.

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