Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Photography Page

Nature is breathtakingly beautiful and inspirational too. I love being surrounded by nature and I love savoring the moments I get to witness and experience by capturing it on camera. This way I can always look at the photos and think back to those wonderful times. 

There are so many scenes and sights that one can capture on camera. Whether it's just nature or the buildings and people that surround it, or anything else that strikes me or speaks to me, I love capturing all that on camera. 

A journey with the camera is fascinating and a whole lot of fun. You never know what you will get to experience and capture in photographic form. And that's what makes it exciting.

Over the years I have taken many beautiful photographs. I just started a Facebook page so I can share them with the world. I hope you check it out.
Lena Kovadlo Photography

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Much thanks!!!

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