Thursday, July 10, 2014

Waiting on my 6th Bubblews Redemption

Since the end of July of 2013 I have been writing for a new website called Bubblews. There people write posts on any topic they choose in a minimum of 400 character length and then earn by people viewing those posts, liking them, and commenting on them. Once $50 in earnings are reached people can redeem those earnings.

In the time since joining Bubblews I have written over 100 posts and have earned over $200. I've had five successful redemptions and didn't have to wait long to get my earnings. I have made my 6th redemption on June 30th and have yet to receive an email saying that my payment is in progress. I don't see any pending transactions/payments from Bubblews in my PayPal account either. I hope this doesn't mean that they won't be paying me. I have not violated any rules. And my posts are all over 400 characters.

At first I thought of waiting until I get my payment before writing new posts but then I decided against it. By not writing anything new I am missing out on new earnings and am increasing the time it will take to reach my next $50, which is something that I don't want. I have already written three posts and will be writing more. Hopefully, I will be able to do a post a day, if not more than that. I shouldn't have a problem writing posts as technically I can write about anything no matter how silly or stupid it may be. Of course, I don't want to write something stupid, even if it will earn me something. It has to be something that interests me or that I wish to share with others.

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