Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Update On My Bubblews Redemption

The Bubblews redepmtion that I had made on June 30th is still nowhere to be found. I have written Bubblews about it, as they requested members with missing redemptions to do, and I even filled out the form for the missing redemption on their site. So far, there is no progress. It just says investigation pending... I've yet to get a response from them and the money has yet to be seen.

I did receive my next redemption, which I had recently made. The money was sent to my PayPal account but this time I was charged a fee for it. All my other Bubblews redemptions never had a fee. This current one does. I wonder why this is happening when it didn't happen before. Why do we all a sudden have to pay the fee when we didn't do that in the past? What changed?

I haven't written anything new on Bubblews because I was waiting to see if I would receive payment for the last redemption. Since it takes about 30 days to receive payment, if not longer than that, I haven't written anything for way over a month. Wonder if I should get back into writing there or simply forget about it until I get the past redemption that they owe me for.

I do have just under three dollars in the Bubblews bank right now. I can probably still reach the $50 minimum without writing anything new but the way things are going it will take a very long time for that to happen since to make these two bucks and change took way over a month. And that's because I haven't been active on others' posts or writing anything of my own.

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