Thursday, October 22, 2015

Always Carry a Notepad

As a writer it is very important to have access to a notepad because ideas can come to you at any moment. If you are unable to write them down you will most likely forget them and will miss out on writing something incredible in the end.

It is thanks to my little notepad and pen that I ended up writing my novel. On the way home from the library a title unexpectedly came into my head. It was The Secret Life of Ashley Miles. It is this title that set me on the path to finally writing a novel, which I had wanted to do for a long time. I ended up publishing this novel in the end and I am very proud of it. It is inspired by my own personal experiences...

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So, if you are a writer be sure to carry a notepad with you wherever you go so you can write down your ideas whenever they hit you. You will be glad you did. And if you don't want to carry a notepad then make sure your smartphone has an app that lets you write. Don't want those ideas going to waste.

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