Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wandering Wounds

I have come across a touching debut poetry collection Wandering Wounds, written by the amazing poet James L. Finley, whose talent shines through in every verse.

The book is organized into sections, each having its own common theme. The areas covered in this book include illness and recovery, depression, abuse of all kinds, life’s frustrations, love, and more…

With every verse the reader is enveloped by extreme emotion and is transported into a world where the mind wanders and wonders thanks to the metaphor and/or allegory that is implemented throughout the book.

There are dark pieces, very sad pieces, pieces that make us laugh, pieces that envelop us in beauty, pieces that make us think, pieces that make us smile, and more… There is something for everyone to enjoy.

This book is a masterpiece that readers will find touching and quite enjoyable. Once readers dive into this book they will at least somewhat and in some way relate to the content, whether through direct personal experience or from something they witnessed happen to someone else.

It can be said without a doubt that we will be seeing more of this remarkable poet and will be enjoying his new work for years to come.

I am proud to own the treasure that is Wandering Wounds. If you have not picked up a copy do so today. It is a must-have book that people all over the globe will be buzzing about for a long time. So don’t pass up the chance to swim through the deep waters of his artistic craft and check out this must-have creation today.

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