Friday, December 14, 2012

My 7th Book - A Crimson Tide - is finally published!

A Crimson Tide, Lena Kovadlo
My 7th book A Crimson Tide is finally published. It is my second poetry book. Below is a description for this book:

Our lives are like the tide, forever flowing in different directions, taking on different paths and shades based on varying circumstances that come upon them. Our lives are a forever changing of colors just like the tide. 

As you dive into the pages of A Crimson Tide you will find yourself swimming through the various colors of our lives from nature’s beautiful palate, to red strokes of love and heartbreak, to the black veil that falls upon us when loved ones pass away from us, to darkening the pale where things become darker, deeper, philosophical, and psychological, where we battle with ourselves, and question our existence and our purpose in life.

This book is currently available at It will be available on amazon soon!

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