Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Putting Together and Publishng Poetry Anthologies

There are poets out there who dream of being published in a book and among other poets like them. That is why I have decided to put together poetry anthologies (to be published through Lulu) that give poets the chance to be published in a book and to share their creations with the world, hence making their dreams come true. I do not charge any fees for poets to be in the anthology. And poets are not required to buy the book they are in; though I do not get why someone that is in an anthology, would not want to own a copy.

I have already published and released a poetry anthology called Voices of the World that features poets from around the world, showcasing poems on a variety of topics, and am now working on publishing a second poetry anthology called Whispers in the Wind. This one will actually have a theme, which is nature poetry, and will also have poets from different countries participating. I love nature and am excited for the book's release. 

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